Our Procedures

Internal 3-in-1 Spray

A specialized dust will be blown into your roof cavity. This procedure penetrates all corners of the cavity space and will eradicate and stop any unwanted guests from gaining entry through ceiling vents.
Next a high quality product is mixed and applied using a fine mist sprayer, firstly to all window and door frames of the premises. Our technician then sprays a light mist/spray on all cornices, skirting boards and vents in each room including the garage.

External 3-in-1 Spray

This process begins with our technician again mixing a high quality product, but application is instead performed using a motorised spray unit. The home or building is sprayed and treated one metre upward from the foundation slab, as well as one metre’s distance away from the slab. All eaves, gutters, downpipes, window frames, and door frames will be sprayed and treated, as well as clotheslines, waste and recycling bins, mailboxes, playground equipment, outdoor furniture, and pet areas.

Rat Proofing

JLS Professional Pest Control specialise in the eradication of rats. We efficiently eradicate rats by using three different types of bait, ensuring rodents will consume at least one, depending on its taste preferences and requirements. We place the three different types of bait – wax bait, soft bait and grain bait – along rodent trails and wherever droppings appear (a sign of major activity). This mainly occurs beneath insulation, along ceiling pipework, close to any source of heat, and areas where walls meet and join.

Crack & Crevice

There are times when a problem is to severe for only a surface spray. In times of a cockroach infestation, ant colonization and other situations. A crack-crevice and gel bait method is also required.

Our crack and crevice treatments consist of using a specialied straw to apply a non repellent spray in all cracks-crevices and hots pots. We also apply gel baits along high-activity areas (such as Oven, Fridge and Cupboards), allowing us to achieve complete eradication.

Follow Up Service

Our rodent-proofing service comes with the added benefit of a follow up call at no charge, in which we can ensure baits have been taken to and resulted in a successful treatment.
Our technician will also use this time to check for and remove any dead rodent carcasses, as well as top up existing baits to ensure a full eradication of rodents from the property. Get in touch with our team for an obligation free quote today.

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