Best pest control in Truganina

If you want to eradicate pests from your residential and commercial spaces through the safest and efficient way, you can count on JLS Professional Pest to do your job. We provide the best pest control services in Truganina. We utilise methods approved by the industry to make sure your home and office stay free from all types of pest menace.

Our pest control technicians have all the necessary certificates. They use industrial grade solutions to eradicate pests and are trained in relocating protected animal like possums.

Pet and child-friendly treatment

Providing safe pest control in Truganina is our topmost priority. Our pest professionals deploy pesticides carefully eradicating only pests, leaving very little room for any potential damage. All chemicals are child and pet friendly that are made in Australia suited for Australian conditions making sure it leaves no stains or have no odour. We assure that you and your dear ones are in safe hands.

Pest and rodent control

Be it ants, spiders, mice, birds or fleas, we are prepared for them all. We have a huge variety of treatment methods to remove pests.
We also specialize in the safe elimination of rodents from your office or residential space. Furthermore, you can expect a free service call, 10 to 14 days after the treatment that allows you to top-up the bait and remove carcasses.

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